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Passions Counterprogramming

We had so much success with listing the history of the counterprogramming
of “The Edge of Night” and “The Doctors” verses programming on the opposing networks
that we decided to do it again, this time, for the supernatural and telenovela element-filled soap opera, Passions.

We scoured the internet from back and forth, up and down, and right to left to bring you
the complete list of counterprogramming this soap opera has ever faced in its eight year history on NBC-TV.

Passions was the final daytime soap opera to debut on a major TV network, and it debuted just six months
before the year 2000.

Passions paid tribute to or parodied pop culture in other television series, films, books, musicals, telenovelas,
Bollywood, and even the names of the supernatural characters in old 1960s and 1970s TV series such as Bewitched.
It also featured wild summer storylines for the mostly young females designed by the producers to get them
into the habit of watching the series while they were on summer vacation and looking for something to watch.

Sometimes, Passions broke the fourth wall like Moonlighting once did in the 1980s with tongue-in-cheek
references to the fact that the show is fictional and it’s just a plain TV show.

In 2007, it took a jab at NBC with a scene featuring a character watching the sixth hour of the Today Show for
the day weeks after NBC decided to cancel Passions in favor of hour four of Today.

In its short history, it did manage to snag a share of its intended target audience against
every show ABC and CBS counter-programmed against it!

So here, without any further delay, the complete, and yes, I mean the complete history of
the counterprogramming Passions faced during its entire run on NBC.

And herrrrre we go!

The Complete List of Passions’ Conterprogrmaming

July 5, 1999, Passions Debut! Here’s what ABC and CBS conterprogrammed!

pm02:00-pm03:00: ABC One Life to Live (S) (through 1/13/12)

pm02:00-pm03:00: CBS As The World Turns (S) (through 9/17/10)

September 7, 2007, Passions aired its final episode on NBC

And that was the complete list of the counterprogramming for the TV series Passions!